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Amazon CloudWatch Alarms vs. Events (or EventBridge)

Amazon CloudWatch Alarms vs Events (EventBridge)

If you maintain an application on AWS, you may have heard about Amazon CloudWatch already, the monitoring service of AWS. Amazon CloudWatch gathers metrics from your AWS resources such as CPU or memory usage, and your resources emit events to CloudWatch when their states change, such as an auto-scaling launch event.

You can define thresholds on your metrics and trigger alarms if those thresholds are exceeded. Besides, you can take actions on a specific event, for example, by triggering an AWS Lambda function. Hence, both features help you in monitoring the states of your resources and get notified or take proactive or reactive actions to protect the health of your workload.

Whether you are planning to use Amazon CloudWatch for the first time or preparing for an AWS exam these days, you may be wondering what the differences between these two crucial Amazon CloudWatch features are.

By the way, Amazon EventBridge is the new version of Amazon CloudWatch Events, so the topics we will talk about in this post will also be valid when comparing Amazon EventBridge with Amazon CloudWatch Alarms. So, what are the differences between Amazon CloudWatch Alarms and Events?

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3 Ways to Schedule AWS Lambda and Step Functions State Machine Executions

Scheduling AWS Lambda and Step Functions Executions

In addition to API development, AWS Lambda has many use cases. One of them is running some background jobs in scheduled intervals. Besides, if you need a chain of sequential or parallel AWS Lambda functions, the ideal way to orchestrate them is using AWS Step Functions.

In this post, I will talk about how to schedule your AWS Lambda functions or Step Functions state machine executions using AWS CloudWatch and EventBridge consoles as well as AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) and CloudFormation templates. Read more at 3 Ways to Schedule AWS Lambda and Step Functions State Machine Executions post.