Coming in June! AWS CloudFormation Step by Step: Intermediate to Advanced

Coming in June! AWS CloudFormation Step by Step: Intermediate to Advanced

I almost finished my AWS CloudFormation Step by Step: Intermediate to Advanced course and expect it to launch by mid-June 2021. It will be a detailed course with lots of hands-on examples. So, let’s go over its upcoming content and let me share the topics included in it.

About the course

Before creating my first CloudFormation course, I designed two separate courses to align the content of courses according to students’ needs efficiently. In the current, beginner-level course, AWS CloudFormation Step by Step: Beginner to Intermediate, I aimed to take you to an intermediate level where you use CloudFormation for your daily needs. I am glad for the feedback received from it.

In its Intermediate to Advanced version, which I also announced in the first course, I will teach advanced-level features of AWS CloudFormation and help my current CloudFormation students become more proficient and efficient at it.

Now, let’s talk about its topics briefly.

What will be in it?

In this course, I assume that you finished or know all topics of my current AWS CloudFormation Step by Step: Beginner to Intermediate course. So this course will build on that. If you are a beginner to CloudFormation and interested in my courses, you should first join and finish the beginner-level course.

The initial version of the Intermediate to Advanced course will have the following topics:

  • Organizing your stacks more efficiently with cross-stack references and nested stacks

  • Configuring your EC2 instances with EC2 UserData, CloudFormation helper scripts ( cfn-init, cfn-hup, cfn-signal )

  • Managing how CloudFormation updates resources that support policy attributes

  • Preventing updates of your stack resources by defining stack policies

  • Bringing your own logic to CloudFormation with custom resources and controlling the flow of stack creations with wait conditions

  • Detecting and resolving stack drifts, importing unmanaged resources

  • Defining and deploying serverless resources with AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) and SAM CLI

There will also be supplementary topics during the sections, and most of the lectures will be with hands-on practices as in my previous courses.


It will be a detailed, 7-hours long course, and I plan to share a discount coupon with my existing students for a limited time when it becomes live.

In the meantime, you can join my courses using the discount coupons below.

Hope to see you in my courses!

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